Does the Chevrolet Malibu Come with an App?

With most cars that have integrated the current technology into them, they usually put an app up on the app store for the driver to be able to assess their vehicle's potential issues on their smartphone. The popular mid-sized Chevrolet Malibu is no exception to this.

Once downloaded and subscribed to the Chevrolet Connected Services, the myChevrolet Mobile App is now accessible to you. With it, you can start and stop your engine, along with locking and unlocking your doors with your phone. 

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The Great Looking GMC Canyon

The GMC Canyon is a popular midsize pickup truck. This is a great-looking truck. It has a sleek, aerodynamic look. The front end features the GMC logo in red and a horizontal chrome grille. Crew cab and extended cab versions are available, and the 2018 Canyon uses LED headlights.

The cargo box for the 2018 GMC Canyon is available in both long and short versions. It's easy to access the bed, because the tailgate has an internal torsion bar. The tailgate on this truck is easy to remove. 

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Where Will You Take Your Terrain?

You depend on your vehicle to handle whatever life throws at you. Introducing the 2018 GMC Terrain, this popular small SUV delivers a variety of features designed to handle the demands of your life.

Behind the second row of seating, you have almost 30 cubic feet of cargo capacity to tow your belongings. If you need additional storage space, you can fold down the second row to double your storage capacity. With the leather-wrapped steering wheel as an available option, you have various controls at your fingertips. 

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Dependability and Durability Features of the Ram 1500

Are you currently looking for a reliable and durable light-duty pick-up truck? Look no further, the Ram 1500 surely will surpass your expectations of a durable ride.

The frame of the Ram 1500 is made to last and to easily handle any size loads. Whether you are towing your boat or hauling a ton of debris off the work site, you can trust the construction of the frame of the Ram 1500 won't let you down. Made of 50,000 psi steel with eight tough cross-member design, your truck can handle the hard work. 

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The Ram ProMaster City is Capable

Whether you are looking for a business vehicle or a family one, the Ram ProMaster City is a good pick for you and something that is capable of working to your advantage. The Ram ProMaster City is a popular choice as a cargo van and as a passenger wagon.

The new ProMaster City has a payload of up to 1,885 pounds. This helps to set it apart from some of the other cargo vans out there. The 2018 Ram cargo van also has a large cargo capacity, allowing you to haul tools of all kinds when you are on…

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Chrysler 300: A Performance-Ready Sedan

If you are searching for a vehicle that will perform well as you drive to and from work or as you head out of Storm Lake, Iowa on a road trip, consider the 2018 Chrysler 300. This is a popular full-size luxury sedan and something with performance features to help you enjoy your driving experience.

The V6 engine on the Chrysler 300 will help you save fuel when you are driving so that you can get farther on less gas. The available AWD system will help you power through all kinds of road conditions while keeping your sedan and all…

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Impressive Durability Features Await You in the Ram 3500

Don't settle for any heavy-duty pick-up truck when you are in the market for a new vehicle. Here are some durability features that put the new Ram 3500 at the top of many buyer's lists.

It is one thing to hear about how great a pick-up truck is, it is another when the makers of the Ram 3500 back it up with some of the most impressive warranty packages in the industry. Purchase the 3500 with the gas engine, you'll get a 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty. If you are more inclined to get the diesel, that…

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Car Battery Service and Replacement Services

Have you gotten your car battery checked recently? It could be dying. If you don't want to get stranded, then you should get your battery checked annually. This can tell you how long your car battery has left before it loses all charge. Picking a new battery depends on your auto make and model, as well as where you live. In colder areas, you want a battery with a high cold-cranking amperage to ensure that you can withstand extreme temperatures.


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What is All This About Proper Jack Placement?

There was a time when the underside of vehicles used a solid steel beam for the full length of the vehicle. With the fuel economy requirements that vehicles fleets work diligently to adhere to today, manufacturers have lowered the amount of steel used in their frames. Though this strategy satisfies the need to lower the vehicle’s weight, it also compromises the strength of the undercarriage, limiting the locations where a jack can be used.

Manufacturers locate strategic places where you can use a jack without harming the body in their owner’s manuals. 

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Sealed With a Gasket

If you were to look at the inner workings of a vehicle, then you would see that there are several types of gaskets that prevent fluids from leaking. That is the primary purpose of a gasket and to create a seal that allows multiple components to stay together.

A head gasket is one of the main types of gaskets in the vehicle. It creates a seal around the engine and the cylinder. It prevents oil from leaking and from mixing with the coolant in the vehicle. If this gasket fails, then there could be serious damage to the motor of…

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