Pop quiz: what full size sedan has a 9.7 out of ten safety ranking on its US News scorecard and a 5 out of 5 overall NHTSA Safety score? Answer: the new Buick Lacrosse. With 4 wheel anti-lock disc brakes and an advanced collision alert system, Lacrosse effortlessly blends style and safety. And starting at just $29,990, this affordable family car is perfect for parents of teen drivers.

The Lacrosse has advanced technology features like active vehicle monitoring and lane departure alerts so you know immediately if you are drifting on Storm Lake highways or streets. The cars electronic stability control and advanced traction control ensures drivers stay safe even in inclement weather conditions.

If you take the safety of your family seriously, you should definitely add the Buick Lacrosse to your shortlist for new cars. Stop by Edwards of Storm Lake this week for a test drive.


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