Since its inception in 1974, the Jeep Cherokee quickly became one of the most popular SUVs in the United States. The reason for this Cherokee’s popularity is due to its design of being a multipurpose vehicle. The Cherokee doubles as both a durable off-roader and a reliable family car. The current generation of the Jeep Cherokee is a do it all SUV. It can comfortably seat a family of four, it has a fuel economy of 31 highway MPG (which makes it idle for commuting), and it can play in the mud on weekends.

The Jeep Cherokee’s heritage is off-roading, and its standard features carry on that tradition. The SUV is standard equipped with the Jeep Active Drive Lock 4x4 System. This system helps ensure proper tire traction when the situation calls for it. This system makes plowing through shallow mud, combing through deserts, and driving through trails easier.

The SUV is also capable of water fording through shallow water. The engineers designed the SUV’s body so that all electrical, interior, and mechanical components are completely sealed to keep out water. High air intakes prevent hydro-lock, which means this SUV can drive through shallow water encountered on trails.

If you are interested in a multipurpose vehicle that can be a reliable commuter and a fun car on weekends, consider the Jeep Cherokee. Visit Edwards of Storm Lake to test drive this dream machine.



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