At Edwards of Storm Lake, we like to inform our neighbors and friends about high-value cars. This year's Malibu is such an automobile. The latest release of a trusted midsize model, the 2019 Chevrolet Malibu offers surprising performance through three available engines.

In Malibu's 2019 L, LS, LT and RS packages, you will find Chevy's 1.5-liter ECOTEC engine. Though it is Malibu's baseline engine, it is not basic. This power plant offers turbocharging, direct fuel injection and reliable acceleration. To find more horsepower, move to the Malibu Premiere. This stylish trim setup includes a 2.0-liter, turbo ECOTEC that you can thoroughly enjoy via a nine-speed, automatic transmission.

Still, some drivers prefer fuel efficiency to raw power, so the Malibu line offers a hybrid model. It features a 1.8-liter ECOTEC engine combined with an electric motor that allows the beloved sedan to achieve up to 48 MPG. Any modern Malibu's performance capabilities will add excitement to your drives.



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