All About Horsepower

Anyone who owns and drives a vehicle should be able to easily and quickly provide another person with an accurate definition of the word "horsepower." The reality, however, is that many drivers absolutely cannot do this. If you want to be a vision of confidence behind the wheel, you have to make it your mission to be able to explain the meaning of the word.

Horsepower, in a nutshell, is a power unit that's the equivalent of 550 foot-pounds per second. If you want to be able to skillfully describe the power of your vehicle's engine, it can help immensely to know the ins and outs of horsepower. Understanding horsepower can help you make a smarter and more well-rounded vehicle choice. It can be priceless for fans of particularly strong cars. If you want additional information about horsepower, get in touch with our friendly automotive dealership in Storm Lake, IA as soon as possible.

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